-> First of all you need to install this : >>>> SSL PACK <<<< (I just made an installer, thks HOE for your great work !)

-> Also install latest mIRC

iRC with SSL :

- Get an irc client like mIRC

- Launch WinSSL Wrapper (you've just installed !) then follow screenshots : Adding services , then Configure iRC wrapping

- Now you need to add a custom server to your mIRC config , here are screenshots : Adding a server, Configure add, then Connect !

Note that you may need to configure SSL wrapping with a server near to you (irc.link-net.org correspond to a random choice of linknet server) : LinkNet servers full list !

Crypt your channel and msg on iRC using FiSH

FTP with SSL :

FTP Clients :

- FlashFXP
- jFXP v2.xx (more info there : jFXP homepage )

FTP Proxy :

- Very good alternative to SSL PACK (support tons of certs.. here is homepage) :
- TLSWrap for windows x86
- TLSWrap for windows x64



iRC with SSL :

- First of all you need Openssl installed on your system (depends which OS you use, or which distributions ... you'll certainly needs binaries AND dev-libs).

- Then try one of those client : BitchX - ScrollZ - irsii - XChat (see INSTALL or README file for SSL support, most are --with-ssl)

- after you successfully compiled your irc client (congrat !!), you can connect to your favorite irc network with SSL support : LinkNet, have a look at the servers list (for LinkNet, don't forget to use port 7000 with your irc client : 6667 is used for non SSL connections, 7000 is done for that)

example (lets choose BitchX) :

wget http://www.bitchx.com/download/BitchX-1.1-final-linux.tar.gz
tar xvzf BitchX-1.1-final-linux.tar.gz
cd BitchX
./configure --with-ssl

here you are ! you have your BitchX binary with SSL support ! (you can check it with ./BitchX and look if -s command line option is shown)

time to make a test : BitchX YouNick -s ircd.neuronnexion.fr:7000 (you may test with a nearest server, have a look at LinkNet servers list)

iRC bouncer with SSL support :

- psybnc (most used ircbnc with advanced settings, great tools !)
- ezbounce

iRC bot with SSL support :

- the well known eggdrop with its SSL PATCH that adds support for 64-bit systems and always gets compiled with thread support (here is a local copy fully patched).
simply install it with :
     wget http://pcfil.com/download/eggdrop-1.6.19-ssl+ctcpfix-patch.tar.bz2
     tar xvfj eggdrop-1.6.19-ssl+ctcpfix-patch.tar.bz2
     cd eggdrop-1.6.19-ssl+ctcpfix-patch
     ./configure --with-ssl
     make config
     make install DEST=/your/install/path/eggdrop

in config file don't forget to : set use-ssl 1 otherwise, bot wont connect to a SSL ircd !

ftp with SSL :

- Like iRC you need Openssl compiled/installed on your system.

- You can try one of those client :
     - usual ftp client modified for Linux (glibc 2.2.x) , Linux (glibc 2.3.x) and for FreeBSD
     - jFXP v2.xx (libc5) or jFXP v2.xx (libc6) a sample jFXP.ini file
           VERY powerfull tool, ftp, fxp, mirror with advanced settings... (more info there : jFXP homepage)
     - pftp-shit
     - lftp
     - ncftp

ftpbouncer with SSL support :

- f-ftpbnc
- TLSWrap (TLS/SSL FTP wrapper/proxy) support all certs, very good tool !

ftpd with SSL support :

- glftpd v2.01 Linux (old official release)
- glftpd v2.01 Linux 32bits / openssl 0.9.8k (binaries update only)
- glftpd v2.01 Linux 64bits / openssl 0.9.8k (binaries update only)
- glftpd v2.01 FreeBSD (old official release)
- glftpd v2.01.1 FreeBSD (binaries update only thks psxc!)
- glftpd v2.01 OpenBSD
- glftpd v2.01.1 OSX
- openftpd (advanced free opensource FTP server based on ftp4all)
- ncftpd
- proftpd

More src/fixes : :

- DH1080.tgz - 32bits library precompiled for linux, for FiSH use.
- DH1080_64bits.tgz same - 64bits.
- pzc-ng - zipscript for glftpd, many features! sitewho-64bits fix :)
- Blowcrypt v3.6 for eggdrop - thks PERPLEX!
- NEW footools-20130331 works on x86/x64, wont damage anymore dupefile/dirlog / fixed foo-spy / compatible with latest glftpd.

i hope this page helps you ...
feel free to give me a feedback or any suggestions !

Last updated 2013-0429